Son Gener Mallorca

The view from the garden over the stunning Son Gener valley

This garden I created completely from scratch & it was back breaking, hence the dodgy back & wonky hips! I cleared the area of bushes, rocks, olive trees & even snakes!! Every rock, plant & wheel barrow full of gravel was carted there by me while Mr Frosty was working on our house. Don't think I'd like to do it all again though!! Sorry about the wire netting you see, marauding rabbits!


I was delighted to see my garden even if it had gone a little crazy! As with the rest of Europe everything was at least 6 weeks late in flowering but this meant that I got to see my flowers! Apparently there had been a gorgeous spell of sunshine in April followed by constant rain so the gardens really enjoyed that! I couldn't believe the amount of growth (& weeds!!) there was. I normally need to put in a morning's work to get everything back in shape but it took almost 3 days to tame everything this time. Holiday? What holiday?! 

Summer has arrived in Mallorca

My favourite "thinking" corner

May I introduce Tomas our resident garden tortoise
Just glorious!

March 2015

Just before Easter we spent 2 weeks at our house in Mallorca. It was a treat for us to be there at this time of year & I got to see flowers that I haven't seen for years- if in fact ever! Some of the shrubs which have now reached maturity didn't get to flowering while we lived there & of course are way past their best come summer. My biggest thrill was to see that the "Tete a Tete" daffodils which I planted 12 years ago & had forgotten about were still valiantly blooming.  My flag irises were on display too another lovely surprise for me. When we arrived at the house I must have spent the first 10 minutes dashing around shouting "Ooh look!" instead of getting on with the important things like getting the bed made up!! Take a look! 

We'll be back again at the end of June when the garden will be looking very different.

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